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[icon] if only i'd thought of something charming to say.
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Time:03:35 pm
everybody needs to update!
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Current Music:chasing cars
Subject:crew. obviously.
Time:08:05 pm
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
i have a 6k tomorrow. SIX. and my coach kind of quit so now jay is our coach, and practices are so much better. like, he was a coxswain at Yale. and he actually knows how to be a good coach. charmie was an amazing rower ( number one in the world for sculling, seriously) but she just wasn't good at coaching us. bleh now i have english homework and laguna is on tonight and i smell pretty bad.
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Current Music:paper bag
Subject:i went crazy again today...
Time:10:30 am
Current Mood:anxiouskjhgsfdgyjhbvhj
i'm kind of losing my mind. and i suck at math. maybe i should be medicated...
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Current Music:the rest of the world sleeping
Time:05:22 am
Current Mood:coldcold
it's 5:22 on a Satyrday morning, and i am up to go exercise. crew is bananas.
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Current Music:how to save a life
Time:07:39 pm
Current Mood:blahi hate school.

you all are loafing! i'm missing my lovely northamptonites, please update me!

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Current Music:playdough
Time:09:51 am
Current Mood:apatheticapathetic
somebody beam me back to northampton. i'm seriously considering catholic school because its so much smaller.
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Current Music:pressing on (but i'm not)
Time:11:16 am
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
i can see a crying fest later this week. i hate being new.

i'm coming to northampton soon though. plans? i'll make some phone calls.

lengthy entry tonight, perhaps?
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Current Music:gasolina, damn it
Time:12:13 am
Current Mood:chipperchipper

name: Bex
age: 15
current city: Concord
parents' names: Peter and Cathy


place: kitchens
city//town: northampton
family member: mum
flower: rose
smell: clean
weather: rainy
shoes: birks
song: varies
band: varies
book: the secret life of bees is amazing.
store: h&m
thing to do: hang outt
color lava lamp: blue
quote: "jazz hands, Stacey!"
lyric: a box of rain will ease your pain and love will see you through


got kissed:13
made a snow angel: 3?
got intoxicated: 14
killed someone: uhhh
did drugs: 13?
attacked a deer with a rake: ?
had sex: not yet
failed a test: i don't think it's really happened. i've gotten a D before though
went to a concert: 13
got kicked out of the house: neves
got a cell phone: neves
were allowed to go shopping by yourself: proabably 13 but i haven't yet. i need my mommy
rode in a taxi alone: not


most scared you've ever been: uh, talking to the random guy downtown and getting lectured.

happiest you've ever been: last day of school or at ani

saddest you've ever been: moving stuff

most contented with life you've ever been: day after the latin trip


cook? slightly
skip? indeed
make small talk? it depends.
take pictures? sure
whistle? no
talk to strangers? no
rub your tummy & pat your head at once? no
paint? in the home improvement sort, but not the artsy kind
make friends easily? i guess so
draw? no
speak another language? no
spell? mostly
stand on your head? nope

i have...

[] ridden on a motorcycle.
[x] played a gameboy color.
[] played a gameboy advance.
[] played a gameboy advance SP.
[x] ridden a horse.
[x] played frisbee.
[maybe?] been to a temple.
[] eaten cinnamon graham goldfish.
[] had a xanga account.
[] had a DeviantArt account.
[x] washed my hair in a sink.
[] licked a rubber duck.
[x] burned something in the microwave.
[x] seen a deer in headlights.
[] hiked two mountains in the same day.
[x] owned a charm bracelet.
[] gone parasailing.
[x] swung on a rope swing.. into water.
[] used a webcam.
[] kissed someone younger than me.
[x] kissed someone older than me.
[] hated and loved the same person.
[x] made popcorn without using a microwave.
[] listened to PlayRadioPlay!.
[x(mouse)] witnessed a death.
[x] had a soda explode in my face.
[x] burned things for fun.
[] been to the emergency room.
[] hooked up with a friend.
[x] taken a drive just for the sake of taking a drive.
[x] participated in the penis game.
[x] asked someone what a hook up is.
[x] had a few too many cough drops.
[x] taken three or more medications at the same time.
[] been in a fire.
[] made love to a CHEEZ-IT box.
[] gotten an expensive graduation present.
[x] played spin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven.
[] had a friend named jeff.
[x] known a bisexual.
[] dialed 911.
[] known a transvestite.
[x] witnessed a gay wedding.
[] been a flower girl or ring bearer.
[] bought mini m&ms.
[] known what a rock star is. (not the celebrity kind)
[x] kissed someone of the same sex on the cheek.
[] been in a band.
[] told a special someone that you wanted it to last forever.
[x] taken a walk while holding hands.
[] been severely burned.
[] been attacked by bats.
[] fallen off a cliff
[] swam with dolphins
[] forgotten an important birthday
[] done hard drugs
[] had a roommate
[] and hated him/her
[x] danced alone in my room
[] slow danced with a love
[] had my bags lost in an airport
[x] slept with a stuffed animal in the past week
[] dyed my hair more than four times in three months
[] licked someones face
[] sent over 200 texts in one night
[XXXXXXX] gone through that horrible simple plan // good charlotte // avril phase
[x] been obsessed with photography
[] lived in a dorm
[] trash talked about something and then lost horribly repeatedly
[] met someone particularly famous
[] won 20 questions
[] gone more than two days without wearing pants or a skirt or whatnot
[] been really good in one class and failed another
[] stayed up all night in the past week
[] beaten pokemon red//blue//yellow
[] locked myself in somewhere inescapable while playing hide-and-go-seek
[x] dominated at uno
[] kissed a seal
[] seen fight club
[x(frou frou?)] played psychobabble
[] eaten a spoonful of glue
[] loved someone like craziness
[] had a life-threatening injury
[] had a life-threatening disease
[] eaten eel
[] watched over 20 movies in a week
[] seen someone die in an accident
[] forgotten to put on pants
[x] listened to music no one will ever know about
[] thought i was ghetto
[x] loved an author
[x] hated an author
[] cheated on an other
[x] liked the music my parents listen to
[x] built a birdhouse
[] owned more than five furbies
[] eaten a poisonous plant // flower
[x] forgotten your best friends name when introducing them
[] licked a toad
[] been someones personal slave
[] been made uncomfortable from the last two questions
[x] listened to jazz
[] been sent a disgusting picture
[] lied on one or more questions
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Time:01:52 pm
i'm in northampton until monday. i'm at colleen's so call us to hang out or something.

next i'll be free the first two weeks of august.

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Time:01:36 pm
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[icon] if only i'd thought of something charming to say.
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